Fixed Dental Bridge

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When teeth are lost there are three options for replacement: a cemented dental bridge, a dental implant, or a partial denture.

A cemented dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth to help restore function and or esthetics. A cemented bridge generally requires at least one tooth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth to provide the attachment and support for the bridge. First, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth are prepared for crowns. A dental laboratory then creates a bridge. The teeth with the crowns serve as “abutments” to the bridge, and the missing teeth that occupy the space between the abutments are called pontics. The bridge connects all of the teeth, abutments and pontics.

A bridge is beneficial because it restores function and esthetics where needed. The loss of teeth may cause a number of problems including loss of chewing effectiveness, increased stress on the remaining teeth and shifting of adjacent teeth. A cemented bridge is typically made in two visits, the first being the preparation appointment and the second the bridge insertion.

Why Choose a Fixed Dental Bridge?

When the jawbone is compromised and will not support a dental implant, or the patient desires a not to undergo implant surgery, a fixed dental bridge offers a good solution for for some patients who are missing one or more teeth in a span.

A partial denture may be a better option for patients who do not have the supporting tooth structure or where the number of missing teeth in span it too great.

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