Custom Designed Dentures

Custom Designed Dentures

Custom Designed DenturesCustom dentures are a prosthetic replacement of lost teeth constructed of acrylic or acrylic with metal substructures. These appliances are referred to as complete dentures, where all the teeth on one or both jaws are missing, or partial dentures, where some natural teeth are still present in the treated jaw.

Match the exact shape, color and alignment of your existing teeth or create the look you want. Create a denture that is most comfortable and appropriate for you.

Ocotillo Dental Care works with their patients to choose the correct and most esthetic tooth size and tooth color to achieved predictable results. Dr. Garelick has the training not only to fabricate your dentures, but also to utilize implants for denture retention.

Enhance the Function Custom Designed Dentures

Utilizing two to four dental implants beneath a complete denture can offer a superior level of chewing efficiency and denture retention. With implant retained dentures you never have to worry about a loose denture again. Moreover, dental implants prevent the loss of jaw bone due to chewing pressures on the gums.

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